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    The Hall
    The rounded hall contains about 1,500 seats and spans three levels. The upper level can be darkened and the hall has 900-1100 seats. There is also the option of extra seats instead of the orchestra pit (the pit), which rises to the height of the hall and becomes an integral part of it. With the addition of seats you can reach a maximum of 1644 seats.

    The stage and its facilities
    Pit Orchestra: Two elevators allow a pit to be created in two sizes for orchestras of different sizes and / or to increase the stage. Instead of the pit, you can set up an extra chair that increases the hall occupancy by 62 or 148 or seats.



    The home screen is made of black velvet and opens upwards. The screen is electrically driven and can be operated at different speeds. The stage is also equipped with side panels ("legs"), central and upper ("pedagogues"), made of black velvet. We also have a huge projection screen (1018X meters).


    Supplementary equipment

    We will be happy to provide you with a range of related equipment, such as: podiums, collisions, orchestral chairs, notes, black linoleum and pianos.


    Dimensions of the stage
    Stage (Proscenium): width 12-16 m, height 7-9.5 m
    Main stage: floor 28 m, depth 20 m
    Side stage: width 16 m, depth 20 m
    Back stage: width 26 m, depth 14 m
    Stage tower height: 24 m net

    For a stage program click here 

    The face of the stage

    The stage floor is made of wood, with the possibility of opening openings in the main stage (trap). The Opera has a black linoleum to cover the floor for dance performances. An acoustic wall separating the spaces can be downloaded between the side and the main stage. All entrances and exits from the stage are equipped with acoustic doors.


    Discharge surface

    Truck unloading area from a 15 m lift. The lift can carry up to 20 tonnes (trucks, containers).


    Lifting facilities (monitors)

    The stage is equipped with 61 cogs (lift bars) with electric and half weight driven counterweights. The carrying capacity of each cog: 450 kg, up to 100 kg point.
    In addition, there are 6 other electrically powered monitors for lighting purposes only.
    Length of each display: 19 m (extendable up to 21 m)
    Maximum monitor height: 23.60 m
    The distance between most pairs is 20 cm
    The pairs are operated from the right-hand gallery. 


    The stage tower

    The height of the building surrounding the main stage space is 24 m to the grid. Above the grid are pulleys and the possibility of hanging motors. In the stage space, balconies are 24-12 m high, with the possibility of an elevator rise to the various floors. 


    Lighting command system
    Lighting computer: M.A GRAND 2 master lighting computer, including a compatible backup computer and network connections for control from the stage as well.
    Communication: 8 split DMX lines, 2 lines for the home's permanent dimmers and 2 lines for the color changers
    And the permanent smart lanterns. 4 lines to add as needed.
    Dimmers: 2 dimmer rooms, a total of 624 dimmers (48 X 5 KW +576 X 2.5 KW), can be connected with a guest computer for dimmers in the building.
    Flashlights: There is a basic rig building that hangs regularly above the stage, in the front of the hall and bridges. The rig includes conventional flashlights, LEDs, color changers and smart flashlights.
    Electricity: On the stage there are electrical connections (arranged boards) at every corner of A 125, plus on the back stage an A250 connection.

    For lighting specifications click here

    Sound system
    The L Acoustics (L-R-C) sound system is permanently suspended.
    Digidizine's Venu Profile mixer, located in an open-window cabin.
    In instances where command from the hall is required, a mixer can be placed in the seating area (the number of chairs varies according to the size of the mixer).
    In addition, there are lines of clearcoms deployed throughout the complex.

    For sound specification click here

    Locker rooms
    Upstairs: 8 spacious dressing rooms which include a shower and toilet, a quick spare room and a production room.
    On the ground floor: 8 large rooms that can accommodate 10-20 people each, adjacent to shared showers and bathrooms. Conductor room includes a rest room and guest room, shower and toilet.
    Specifications dimensions

    Central stage
    Width: 26 m
    Depth: 19.8 m
    Height: 23 m
    The width of the portals can be changed from 11.80 m to 19.00 m

    Back stage
    Width: 20 m
    Depth: 14 m
    Height: 11 m
    Side stage - right stage only
    Width: 15 m
    Depth: 16 m
    Height: 11 m

    Orchestra Pit
    Average width: 18 m
    Depth: 6.3 m

    Stage openings
    Center of openings in the center of the stage: 15X15 m
    Each opening: 1.5 x 1.25 m
    Height below the stage: 4 m

    Central stage
    One moving bridge, between 1.2 and 8.25 m
    29 weighers at 450 kg
    32 electric monitors 500 lbs
    6 monitors for hanging light 600 kg
    Back stage
    6 manual monitors (no counterweights) 150 kg
    Length of all pairs 19 m
    23 motors weighing 500 kg each, which can be connected to a truss

    for further details:
    Gili Bar, technical director

    Eyal Levy, director of lighting and sound department

    Nathan Ashkenazi, head of the amplification team

    Sharon Feld Clarfeld, Event Manager

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