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    Accessibility at the Israeli Opera

    Accessibility at the Israeli Opera

    The Israeli Opera works to promote the subject of accessibility. We believe that all our customers have equal rights, and are entitled to enjoy full access to all the Opera's facilities and services.
    At the Israeli Opera we are preparing to make the Opera Hall, the building and all service stations accessible, in order to ensure an enjoyable experience for all our customers, as well as sensitive and equal service for all.

    We will be carrying out the accessibility project over the next few years; it will include the following:

    Accessibility of Service Centers
    • The call center is accessible for all customers with disabilities and does not play background music. All messages are transmitted slowly, using clear language.
    • Customer Support and Ticket Purchasing Service by telephone 03-6927777 or email:
    Tickets for all Israeli Opera performances can also be purchased online at:   


    Accessible Service for Visitors
    • The Opera managers and staff have received training in the field of accessible service for customers with disabilities.
    The training has given the employees tools for providing accessible service, with practical experience of providing such a service.
    Accessibility of the Opera House Building
    • Golda Parking Lot / Ahuzat Hahof Parking Lot – close to the Opera House and offering parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities. There is easy access to elevators that meet the relevant standards.
    • Along Shaul Hamelech Street, next to the Opera House, there are parking spaces reserved for the disabled, including convenient wheelchair access to the vestibule.
    • Accessibility inside the Opera House: the vestibule of the Opera House is designed with an emphasis on especially wide passageways, suitable for people in wheelchairs and others using various walking aids.
    • The elevators in the Opera House are accessible for all visitors. There is a clear loudspeaker system, Braille letters on the elevator buttons, and the elevator dimensions comply with the legal standard.
    • The signposts throughout the building meet the legal accessibility requirements.
    For visually impaired visitors, there is an app called Right Here, which can be downloaded to mobile phones to help them find their way around.
    • The cash desk is accessible for service immediately when customers enter the Opera House vestibule.
    • Visitors with impaired hearing can use the special hearing loop located at each cash desk. This device filters out background noise so that only the service provider can be heard.
    • People with impaired mobility can contact the usher at the entrance to the vestibule, who will call a cash desk staff member to provide them with service, without their having to wait in line.
    • There is good lighting throughout the building for the benefit of visitors with impaired vision.
    • There are four toilets for the disabled on the second and third floors above the vestibule. These floors can be reached by elevator from the vestibule.


    Accessibility of the Opera Hall
    • The Israeli Opera is investing significant effort and resources to make the Opera Hall accessible, in order to ensure a pleasant and positive experience for everyone attending its performances.
    • In the Hall there is special seating for the disabled. Through entrances 4 and 5, in the galleries on the right hand  and left-hand-side, there are 10 accessible places for the disabled, including seating for an escort. These entrances can be reached by elevator from the vestibule.
    • At the front of the Hall, there are 4 reserved places in each of the first three rows (2 on each side) for sale to people with mobility, hearing or visual impairment. These seats will be reserved until one week before each performance. They can be reached through entrances 1 and 2 from the vestibule.
    • Hearing aids for visitors with hearing impairment – Opera staff will distribute hearing systems at a special distribution point, next to the desk where programs are sold in the Opera House vestibule.
    • Ushers will be provided to take people to their seats, if an email request is sent to the Accessibility Coordinator at least 24 hours before the performance.

    • We will be happy to offer sign language translation to people with hearing disabilities. The time frame for this application is up to 21 days prior to the show's premiere.


    Accessibility of the Internet Site
    • The Israeli Opera is investing considerable effort and resources to make its website accessible, to make it as user-friendly as possible, as well as making the information it contains and the ticket purchasing services it offers more accessible to people with disabilities.


    Accessibility of Information and Publicity
    • The Israeli Opera is making its information and publicity services accessible to everyone.



    Inquiries about accessibility
    We will be happy to receive requests for information and/or suggestions for improving accessibility in the Opera House.
    We invite you to contact our Accessibility Coordinator and Operations Manager, Uri Hartman, by email or by telephone 03-6927830.
    As coordinator, he is responsible for ensuring that everyone dealing with the public in the Opera House knows what is required from them regarding accessibility, and how to handle requests on this matter.


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