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    The Foyer

    The Foyer

    The Opera House foyer, the gathering area between the main entrance and the auditorium doors, comprises three open levels, which create one harmonious space with a glass façade looking over the Opera House piazza.

    The interior design of the foyer was created by architect-designer Ron Arad, who included in it different elements such as “the island”, wrapped by a spiralling curved ribbon made of steel and concrete, the bronze wall, the bars and the café furniture, whose design corresponds with the architectural nature of the foyer.

    Visitors at the foyer can enjoy temporary art exhibitions, various performances at the small amphitheater, the café and the Zlil music shop. The box office is also located at the entrance of the foyer.

    The foyer is open Sun.-Thu. between 9:30 am – 8:30 pm and on Fridays and holiday eves between 9:30 am – 1:00 pm. The foyer is also open during performances. The upper gallery opens half an hour before the performances.

    Art in the Foyer
    The different levels of the foyer are a venue for sculpture, photography and painting exhibitions, which vary every month.
    The exhibitions are curated by Udi Rosenwein and are courtesy of Yochy and Itzhak Shrem.
    For further details: Udi Rosenwein +972-50-6385727

    For sponsoring the exhibitions please contact the Director of Development
    Telephone: +972-3-6927848
    Fax:: +972-3-6954886
    For further information on donations and sponsorships please click here [link]

    The foyer features various performances, including shows for children, open days at the opera and other events.

    The Music Shop
    The shop offers a wide range of opera and classical music CDs as well as DVDs.
    Zlil is open between 16:00  – 19:00 or until the end of the performance.
    For further information please call: +972-3-6927888

    The Café
    The Café at the foyer opens an hour before the performance and remains open until the end of the performance.
    The Kosher buffet serves dairy food.

    The Box Office  
    The box office is open: Sunday-Thursday between 9:30 am – 8:30 pm
    Fridays and holiday eves: 9:30 am – 1:00 pm
    For further details please contact the Box Office: +972-3-6927777

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