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בר ניווט לשוניות
Il re Pastore

Conductor: Avner Biron

Director: Shirit Lee Weiss



Alessandro: William Wallace

Aminta: Daniela Skorka

Tamiri: Tal Ganor

Elisa:Yael Levita

Agenore: Eitan Drori

Sung in Italian Subtitles in Hebrew


Act I

Elisa the shepherdess is in love with Aminta the shepherd and she promises him that the impending war between Alessandro, the King of Macedonia, and his rival Stratone, the tyrant ruler of Sidon, will not affect their love. Alessandro, after defeating Stratone, is searching for the rightful heir to Sidon, believing that it is none other than Aminta. Alessandro in disguise approaches Aminta, offering to take him to the king yet Aminta would rather remain a shepherd. Agenore, an aristocrat from Sidon, assures Tamiri, the daughter of the now deposed Stratone, that he still loves her.

Elisa gets permission from her father to marry Aminta and the shepherd now reveals to his beloved that he is actually the true heir to Sidon and promises he will return to her once he claims his throne. Alessandro tries to convince Aminta that his new status calls for him to marry Tamiri, yet Aminta refuses.


Act II

Agenore prevents Elisa from seeing Aminta and at the same time tells Aminta to cease pursuing Elisa. Alessandro asks Aminta to dress like a king and present himself to the people and decrees that Aminta will indeed marry Tamiri. Tamiri has no wish to marry Aminta and Agenore who has to reveal the news to Elisa is also tormented by this new turn of events. Tamiri reveals to Alessandro that she and Agenore are in love and both Tamiri and Elisa beg Alessandro to listen to their hearts. Alessandro realizes that the two pairs of lovers should be united and consents. Aminta is crowned King of Sidon and marries his beloved Elisa. Tamiri and Agenore marry as well. All’s well that ends well.

סוף בר ניווט לשוניות
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